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Online customers in Indonesia prefer Xiaomi, Samsung and OPPO


66% of customers who used online services providing funding facility in Indonesia prefer smartphones of the three mobile brands. Thus, 26% of customers use Xiaomi mobile devices. Samsung (21%) and OPPO (19%) take second and third places, respectively. These are the findings of the study conducted by the international financial holding Robocash Group. The figures have been based on the data of more than 78 thousands unique customers who have…

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One-third of online customers in Vietnam prefer Apple


34% of customers of online services providing personal financing in Vietnam prefer Apple mobile devices. Samsung takes second place with 27% of customers using its smartphones. OPPO follows with 17%. With the overall share of 78% split by these three companies, other brands are lagging significantly. These are the findings of the international holding Robocash Group after studying the data of more than 337 thousands unique customers who have used…

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Online borrowers in India mostly use Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO


76% of customers applying for personal loans online in India prefer smartphones of the four mobile phone brands. Samsung is leading with 26% of customers using its devices. It is followed by Vivo (18%), Xiaomi (16%) and OPPO (16%). These figures have been based on the data of more than 156 thousands unique customers of the alternative lending holding Robocash Group in India who used the company’s local lending service…

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Online borrowers in the Philippines prefer Samsung and OPPO


25% of Filipinos prefer smartphones made by the South Korean company. The second place is taken by the Chinese OPPO with its low and middle priced gadgets catching up with Samsung: they are used by 20% of Filipinos. Other brands are ranked lower lagging behind significantly. These are the recent findings of Robocash Group in the Philippines based on the data of more than 1.2 mln unique visitors who have…

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The popularity of online loans has not increased in Singapore


The demand for online loans in Singapore is significantly lower than in other countries of Southeast Asia, as reported by a recent study of the international alternative lending holding Robocash Group.   Analyzing statistics of search requests, analysts of the company compared trends of demand for online loans in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The findings show that the situation in Singapore differs from other countries significantly. The demand…

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Demand for online loans in Southeast Asia is growing steadily


This is evidenced by the results of the study conducted by Robocash Group with the help of services for search query analytics. The study inсluded Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam where the growth of fintech services is the most active now. Thus, in January 2017, the number of requests of online loans there amounted to 880, in January 2018 – to 8,100 and in January 2019 – to 18,100.  …

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25-30-year-olds apply for short-term financing online most often


According to the internal research of Robocash Group, loans issued in South and Southeast Asia online for up to 30 days are most popular among borrowers in the age of 25-30 years.   Comparing different age groups in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, the analysts found several patterns. Thus, 29.1% of Filipinos, 44.7% of Vietnamese, 34.6% of Indonesians and 38.0% of Indians among borrowers are in the age of…

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The term of loans correlates with gender of borrowers


According to the study conducted by Robocash Group in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, most customers take loans for a period of 22 to 30 days.  In Vietnam, India and Indonesia the share of such borrowers amounts to 85%, 97% and 77% respectively. In the Philippines, this period is requested by 26% of customers, while loans for up to 15 days are in demand among 70% of customers.  …

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Borrowers from South and Southeast Asia prefer short term financing in the range of $51-100


Recently, the financial holding Robocash Group found that the most popular amount borrowed by the Filipinos, Vietnamese, Indonesians and Indians for up to 30 days ranges from $51 to $100.   Based on its own data, Robocash Group compared the most popular loans sizes in four countries of South and Southeast Asia. The research involved the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. According to it, the most preferred loans for up…

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Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are the most favourable markets for fintech lending in SEA


Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand provide the most favourable conditions for the development of fintech lending in Southeast Asia. They got 147.5, 64.9, 52.1 points respectively in the Index of short-term prospects of fintech lending conducted by Robocash Group. In a short term perspective, it promises to result in the inflow of investments in the local projects.   Indonesia provides the most fertile environment for the development of alternative lending in…

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