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COVID-19 drives the demand for online financial services


With a growing spread of coronavirus and social distancing globally, people are increasingly searching for digital services able to meet their current needs in food and essentials, healthcare and finance. Asia is not an exception. As the findings of Robocash Group have shown, the pandemic has made 41% of its customers in the region use remote financial services more often.   Among the latter, online financing solutions were mentioned most…

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Robocash Group Wins the Microfinance Company of the Year Award in Russia


Last Friday, an affiliated lending company of the fintech holding Robocash Group – MFC Zaymer – won the title of “The Microfinance Company of the Year” in Russia. As noticed, in 2019, the company showed the best performance in the segment by the three criteria: stability, dynamic development and innovativeness.   On March 13th, 2020, the 13th edition of the main financial award in Russia “The Bank of the Year”…

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Every other fintech customer in Asia took repeated online loans in 2019


In South and Southeast Asia, the share of customers who obtained repeated advances on online platforms in 2019 amounted to 44%. The analysis of data of 1.2 million clients of Robocash Group in the region reveals that fintech loans have become widespread as they help people cover gaps in a budget. Remarkably, in 2019, the Philippines had the highest part of repetitive customers – 51%. The lowest share was in…

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Indonesia and Bangladesh are the best markets for micro consumer lending in terms risk and prospects


Robocash Group studied the environment of South and Southeast Asia in terms of risks for micro consumer lending. Embracing strategic, operating, and financial factors, the research shows that a high risky background does not necessarily stand for extreme difficulty for the business. What is more, it suggests broader prospects for players able to cope with such factors. Indonesia and Bangladesh turned out to provide the most appropriate risk environment for…

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Robocash Group served 9 million customers and issued over $600 million loans


According to the results in 2019, the cumulative volume of consumer financing granted by the financial holding Robocash Group since its inception in 2013 exceeded $603 million. The total number of customers reached 9.0 million. Remarkably, one-third of 4.2 million of new clients that the company served in 2019 alone came from South and Southeast Asia. That was a 267% increase compared to 2018.   Targeting the underserved segment lacking…

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New Year celebrations make Asians borrow more often


With the end of celebrations of the Chinese New Year, the fintech holding Robocash Group reveals insights at some borrowing patterns of fintech customers during the festive season in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. The findings show that even though it is still not common to borrow money to celebrate the season, the situation is changing. Thus, if only 35% of respondents borrowed funds with such purpose in the past,…

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MFIs or NBFCs are the first loan providers for every third individual in Asia


According to a new customer survey of the fintech holding Robocash Group, microfinance institutions (MFI), as well as non-bank financial companies (NBFC) are the first credit providers for almost every third individual in Asia (31%).   Although banks preserve their position as the primary source of credit, alternative lending has taken a significant place too. In particular, the survey revealed that 41% of respondents in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and…

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Two-thirds of Asians used online credit and e-payments in 2019


Online payments and digital lending are in priority for the Asians when it comes to frequently used financial services. According to the survey of fintech customers by Robocash Group, almost two-thirds of the respondents applied for online credit and made e-payments in 2019.   Conducted in the second half of January 2020, the survey covered India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The findings revealed a relatively even penetration of online…

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Gen X and Baby Boomers in Asia are rapidly catching up with fintech


Amid the overall digitization and growing penetration of online services in Asia, the daily use of financial technologies by older generations is growing too. Studying the demand for online financing services in Asia in 2019, analysts of Robocash Group revealed a steady increase in the number of customers aged 41-50 and 51-60 years.   Against the background of similar trends identified in Southeast and South Asia, the Philippines took first…

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Half of the customers of fintech lending services in Asia are married and have kids


Married people with one or two kids comprise the highest share of customers of fintech lending services in Asia. These are the findings of the financial holding Robocash Group based on a client survey in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. On average, these four markets have 59% married customers, and 49% have 1-2 kids under 18 years old.   First of all, the reason for that is additional needs…

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