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Alternative lending is winning over customers in Asia, bank loans hold strong in Malaysia and India


Robocash Group revealed that the lending from traditional banks is being replaced by the non-bank options with the fastest growing rates in the Philippines and Singapore. The total opposites are Malaysia and India, where the banking sector is currently experiencing more rapid growth. According to Robocash Group, the Philippines and Singapore feature the fastest growing alternative lending sector. The Philippine bank loans being systematically replaced by the non-bank options. The…

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The Filipino families were able to increase savings by 25% in 2021


The positive difference between income and expenses has grown by a quarter in three years. As the average Filipino household’s income had hardly increased, the savings were formed largely due to reducing costs, supported by a number of contributing factors, revealed by the analysts of Robocash Group.   Robocash Group analysts estimate that in the second half of 2022, the average monthly income of a Filipino household was 188k PHP…

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The Philippine Fintech market to reach 44 Bn USD despite the socio-economic hurdles


15 out of 20 FinTech companies in the Philippines close their doors, unable to withstand the competition. Nevertheless, the local FinTech landscape remains underinvested. By 2024 the FinTech market in the Philippines should grow to 44 Bn USD, estimated by the analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group.    The number of FinTech companies has grown from 126 to 222 entities since 2016 in the Philippines. On average, about 15…

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Robocash Group reached 2 BN USD of disbursement and issued audited financial report of 2021


Robocash Group publishes the audited combined financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2021. The Group reached an all-time high 2 BN USD of issued financing and in 2022 expects to increase its market share in Southeast Asia by optimisation of products.   As of 31 Dec 2021, the total assets had amounted to 177.1 M USD, while total equity reached 66.8 M USD. Both the total assets and total equity…

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Vietnam FinTech market is highly competitive and is expected to reach USD 18 BN in 2024


Analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group have evaluated the FinTech landscape in Vietnam. The financing volume is second only to Singapore and has vast potential for growth. Despite high competitiveness and a high entry bar, the number of FinTech companies has grown. By 2024, the FinTech market in Vietnam is expected to grow to 18 Bn USD.   Vietnam is one of the leaders among ASEAN countries in the…

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Robocash Group served 20 mln customers financing over 1.7 BN USD


In the first quarter of 2022, Robocash Group hit the record 20 M registrations, providing consumer financing in the cumulative volume of over 1.7 Bn USD. The repeated clients have contributed significantly, with the highest consumer demand in the Philippines and Kazakhstan.    Targeting the underserved population with limited access to traditional financial services, Robocash Group has issued 266.3 M USD worth of loans in Q1 alone  – up by…

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Financial apps are engaging 1 out of 2 Filipinos


According to the survey, online lending and digital payments show a strong positive demand in the Philippines. 1 out of 2 surveyed use the services of a multifunctional mobile bank. The country is a leader in the popularity of mobile financial solutions across Southeast Asia. The data revealed by the global fintech holding Robocash Group, which operates in the Philippines with its digital financial service    When asked about…

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One in five Filipinos borrows money during Lunar New Year


The survey conducted by analysts of Robocash Group found that the Lunar New Year significantly affects the population’s consumption rate in the Philippines. 49% of the survey respondents claim their expenses increase during the holiday season.    Over half of the Filipino respondents acknowledge the significance of the holiday. Additional spending during the festive period is attributed mainly to big personal or family purchases (35%), festive food (19%), presents (10%)…

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The interest in FinTech in India nearly doubled in 2 years


According to Robocash Group analysts the number of Google search requests about fintech and financial services has nearly doubled since 2020. The pandemic has bolstered the financial adeptness of the population in India, and consequently, its financial awareness.    Prior to the pandemic in 2019, financial literacy was estimated to be at 27% among the adult population aged 18-80. The first wave of the pandemic had rapidly changed the current…

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Digital loans to flourish in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan people show clear demand for borrowings, 9 out of 10 respondents feel the need to borrow extra money. Borrowers in Sri Lanka are open to alternative lending. The online credit services, along with other fintech products, are to experience swift growth in popularity, claim the analysts of Robocash Group.   Borrowing funds is a part of life for more than half of the surveyed respondents – the need…

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