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Gen X and Baby Boomers in Asia are rapidly catching up with fintech


Amid the overall digitization and growing penetration of online services in Asia, the daily use of financial technologies by older generations is growing too. Studying the demand for online financing services in Asia in 2019, analysts of Robocash Group revealed a steady increase in the number of customers aged 41-50 and 51-60 years.   Against the background of similar trends identified in Southeast and South Asia, the Philippines took first…

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Half of the customers of fintech lending services in Asia are married and have kids


Married people with one or two kids comprise the highest share of customers of fintech lending services in Asia. These are the findings of the financial holding Robocash Group based on a client survey in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. On average, these four markets have 59% married customers, and 49% have 1-2 kids under 18 years old.   First of all, the reason for that is additional needs…

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Robocash to attract $5 mln P2P investments in Europe for Singapore


The fintech holding Robocash Group has just integrated its in-house P2P lending platform in Europe with its Singaporean company Robocash PTE. LTD. The latter will provide the European P2P investors with an opportunity to invest in the business development of the group in Southeast Asia. Within the next 6 months, the group plans to raise 5 million USD.   Robocash PTE. LTD. is a holding company, which has been…

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Growing older, Asian fintech customers request higher amounts of financing


The older customers become, the more financing they request when applying to fintech services. These are the findings of the financial holding Robocash Group based on the statistics of customer applications in Asia this year. With an increase of the customers’ age by one year, there is a rise in the average size of requested amounts by 0.8% in Indonesia, 0.4% in the Philippines and India, and 0.3% in Vietnam….

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In the Philippines, women use fintech most actively


Actively managing family budgets in one of the most gender-equal backgrounds, women have formed the largest group of users of online financing tools in the Philippines. According to the financial holding Robocash Group, female customers prevail both in online and offline channels. In 2019, the share of women there has amounted to 70% and 58%, respectively.   With the clear choice of women to apply and obtain financing online, men…

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Millennials in ages 31-34 more accurately assess their finances


Users of online financing services aged 31-34 more accurately match their needs in finance to actual capabilities. In comparison to other age groups, they apply for such amounts, which size is the closest to the approved. These are the conclusions of analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group after studying customer applications received since the beginning of 2019.   The study involved data of the company’s online financing services in…

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Robocash Group reached the milestone of $ 500 million issued loans


In the third quarter of 2019, the cumulative volume of consumer financing granted by lending companies of the financial holding Robocash Group amounted to $ 500 million. The group continued to strengthen its position in the Asian market.   Showing a 92% increase year-over-year in the volume of the issued loans in the first nine months in 2019, the company has targeted to hit $ 294 million by the end…

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Alternative lending drives economic growth in the emerging markets


Alternative lending has a direct impact on labour productivity. These are the findings of analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group after studying the role of non-bank lending companies in the economy.   To understand the particular input of the segments, the analysts addressed to the study on the impact of bank and alternative credit on economic growth by Ficawoyi Donou-Adonsou, Kevin Sylwester (2017). Its mathematical model compared the positive…

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What do Asian and European borrowers ask call centres about?


To determine the difference between customers of online financing services in Asia and Europe, the financial holding Robocash Group studied questions, which customers have asked call centres in 2019 most often.   The primary differentiating feature of Filipinos is that more than one third (31.2%) of local customers’ calls are about what’s an online loan like, and how the service works. In Spain, the share of such calls amounts to…

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Five countries in South Asia and SEA with the best prospects for online micro consumer lending


According to the analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group who made a corporate ranking of countries in South and Southeast Asia, Laos, India, the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam have the highest prospects for the development of online micro consumer lending.   The highest score in the ranking (20) belongs to Laos. It combines a high potential of the untapped demand with a positive attitude to short-term online lending from…

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