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Women in the Philippines apply for alternative financing twice as often as men


Women apply for alternative financing solutions nearly more than twice as frequent as men, according to own statistics of Robocash Group in the Philippines. At the same time, with an opportunity to visit offline outlets, 61% of all customers prefer to apply online that corresponds with the overall activity of Filipinos on the Internet.   The Philippines has been the first market in Southeast Asia for the international financial holding…

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Reliance Finance and Robocash Group launch a sharia compliant fintech service in Indonesia


The financial companies Reliance Finance and Robocash Group have jointly launched a fintech service Penyaluran Dana Syariah in Indonesia. Fully compliant with the Islamic shariah law, it will serve millions of Indonesians lacking access to financial services.   On March 15, 2019, Robocash Group announced the launch of sharia compliant service Penyaluran Dana Syariah (PDS), which is a sharia compliant funding facility. The service has been developed from the ground…

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Fintech helps the informally employed to access to finance


The real scale of informal employment in developing countries is incomparably higher than the volume of goods and services produced in the informal sector. The longer traditional methods of assessing the real earnings of the population fall behind, the more customers alternative lending can expect, found Robocash Group.   The share of the informal economy in Indonesia stated by the IMF in 2015 amounted to 14.8% of GDP, which was…

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Five countries will lead fintech in Southeast Asia


Five countries stand out in the development of financial technologies in Southeast Asia. In the context of the growing focus on financial inclusion, fintech lending services will provide a determining vector, predicts the international financial holding Robocash Group.   Southeast Asia has the fastest growing Internet penetration in the world estimated at 58% in 2018 (2017 — 53%). Google and Temasek predicted the number of local Internet users to reach…

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Robotic approach: the key to scale in the emerging markets


More than 220 CEOs, heads of government and regulators gathered at the Paris Fintech Forum last week to share practices and views on the actual state and the future of digital finance and fintech. Robocash Group was among speakers invited to give insights on the use of the robotic technologies that have allowed the company to become an established fintech player and grow rapidly in Europe and Asia.   This…

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ASEAN is the most advantageous for the development of fintech


The recent report from Deloitte conducted in partnership with Robocash Group stated that ASEAN countries have the highest potential in the fintech market up to 2020. The advanced landscape facilitates both the development of financial technologies and the inflow of investments expected to increase by over 20-30% in 2018 compared to the previous year.   Although many ASEAN countries are still emerging markets, the insufficient financial inclusion has become the…

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Inditrade Capital and Robocash Group sign MoU to join efforts in India


The Indian financial company Inditrade Capital and Robocash Group announced the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish an independent NBFC business “Inditrade-Robocash” that will provide short-term consumer lending in India.   Last week, the Indian financial company Inditrade Capital and the international holding Robocash Group signed the MoU to work together in the lending market in India and launch an independent non-banking financial company “Inditrade-Robocash”. The company…

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