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Public interest in fintech is growing rapidly in South and Southeast Asia


A sharp increase in Google search requests has been registered among the population of India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Cambodia. In May and June 2020 alone, following the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, demand was up 9%. Average monthly growth continues to rise by 7%, according to Robocash Group analysts. Starting in May 2020, the demand for a definition and explanation of fintech terms…

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Bank and credit app downloads up 7.8 times over 8 months in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines


From January to August 2021, South and Southeast Asia had seen significant growth in popularity of banking and alternative lending apps. India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam observed a 7.8x rise in downloads for banking and alternative lending apps, the research conducted by Robocash Group reveals.      The fastest 9x growth in the number of downloads of alternative lending apps is seen in the Philippines, up to 12.1k from…

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Financial Inclusion Index increased by 1.4x in SEA


The survey conducted by Robocash Group revealed that key indicators, reflecting financial inclusion in Southeast Asia have increased by 1.4 times on average over a four-year period since 2017. Increased financial inclusion in the region suggests that the potential for credit services development in Southeast Asia remains untapped.   All countries recorded growth in the use of digital financial services, digital accounts and transactions. Myanmar is at the forefront of…

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Robocash Group surpasses initial disbursement goal, issuing 547 M in 9 months of 2021


According to the results of Q3 2021, international fintech holding Robocash Group has issued 547.3 M USD worth of loans. Notably, every fifth loan was issued to the new customers.    The Group has greatly exceeded the initial goal of doubling the disbursement volumes compared to 2020. In the 9 months of 2021 alone, the holding has issued 547.3 M USD worth of loans, up by 151.8% from the same…

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Non-banking fintech to reduce the income gap of the population in India during recession


A research conducted by Robocash Group revealed that the income of the population in India is foreseen to be USD 47 BN less than anticipated in 2021 as a result of COVID-19. Non-banking lending fintech companies are in prime position to meet the demand, promising impressive growth.   The number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise in the country, approaching 34 million. Despite the severity of the situation, there is a…

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People of Sri Lanka will get better financial access provided by


6.5 million customers in Sri Lanka lack full access to finance due to the impact of the pandemic and increased consumption. International fintech holding Robocash Group has entered the consumer lending market in Sri Lanka with its new online lending service, providing instant financial access.   Sri Lanka’s GDP per capita amounts to 13.2 k USD, which is higher than in the neighbouring Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. However, there…

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Robocash Group launches personal loan app UnaCash in the Philippines


Robocash group, a global fintech holding, rolls out the mobile application UnaCash to offer a seamless experience of getting a cash loan without leaving home or work. This application laid the groundwork of the digital bank UnaBank in the Philippines.      After 7 years of profitable expansion in Asia and Europe, Robocash Group continues to grow its business in the Philippines with the new product offering personal loans, UnaCash….

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Robocash Group published the reviewed consolidated financial statement for H1 2021


Robocash group, a global fintech holding, has published its consolidated financial statement for the six-month period of 2021. The Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Report was reviewed by a Big 10 auditor FBK Grant Thornton in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.   Robocash Group aimed to accelerate the growth by doubling its disbursement volume and revenue. By H1 2021, the group had disbursed 326.5 M USD worth of loans, exceeding…

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Robocash Group doubled yearly loan disbursement volumes in the H1 2021


Robocash group, a global fintech holding, has published the results for the first half of 2021. The Group doubled the yearly loan disbursement volumes and managed to achieve commendable results.    In the first 6 months of 2021, Robocash Group issued loans worth 326.5 M USD – up by 134.1% of the H1 2020 performance, already exceeding the results for the entire last year. During the same period, the group…

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Robocash Group plans to raise 5 M USD with a bond issuance


An international fintech holding Robocash Group prepares for a 5 M USD bond placement in the coming days together with Kilde. The group intends to use the proceeds to support its further growth. After this initial step, the company may consider another issuance in a larger amount.    The company plans to issue bonds with the global private debt investment platform Kilde in Singapore. The securities with the maturity period…

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