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Robocash Group reached the milestone of $ 500 million issued loans


In the third quarter of 2019, the cumulative volume of consumer financing granted by lending companies of the financial holding Robocash Group amounted to $ 500 million. The group continued to strengthen its position in the Asian market.   Showing a 92% increase year-over-year in the volume of the issued loans in the first nine months in 2019, the company has targeted to hit $ 294 million by the end…

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Alternative lending drives economic growth in the emerging markets


Alternative lending has a direct impact on labour productivity. These are the findings of analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group after studying the role of non-bank lending companies in the economy.   To understand the particular input of the segments, the analysts addressed to the study on the impact of bank and alternative credit on economic growth by Ficawoyi Donou-Adonsou, Kevin Sylwester (2017). Its mathematical model compared the positive…

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What do Asian and European borrowers ask call centres about?


To determine the difference between customers of online financing services in Asia and Europe, the financial holding Robocash Group studied questions, which customers have asked call centres in 2019 most often.   The primary differentiating feature of Filipinos is that more than one third (31.2%) of local customers’ calls are about what’s an online loan like, and how the service works. In Spain, the share of such calls amounts to…

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Five countries in South Asia and SEA with the best prospects for online micro consumer lending


According to the analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group who made a corporate ranking of countries in South and Southeast Asia, Laos, India, the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam have the highest prospects for the development of online micro consumer lending.   The highest score in the ranking (20) belongs to Laos. It combines a high potential of the untapped demand with a positive attitude to short-term online lending from…

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Four main trends driving alternative lending in SEA in 2019


The analysts of Robocash Group defined trends that have directed alternative lending in Southeast Asia in the current year. The increase in number and regional expansion of local players on the background of the intensified regulation and a particular focus on financial inclusion of MSMEs, as well as the formation of the regional cross-border market have become the most remarkable trends.   In 2019, local and international fintech players have…

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TOP 3 countries in APAC with the highest weight of P2P lending to GDP


As the analysts of Robocash Group found, China, New Zealand and Australia have the highest weight of P2P lending on their domestic economic background in APAC. In particular, they have $18.5, $1.1 and $0.2 made by the segment per every thousand of GDP, respectively. In the mid-term perspective, the countries are expected to keep leading positions in spite of either potential or already occurred regulatory changes.   Based on the…

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Fintech has contributed 8% to the welfare of Indians


With strong support from the Reserve Bank of India and the government, the market of financial technologies in India has been growing at a triple-digit pace since 2013. The analysts of the financial holding Robocash Group found that the multiplicative effects of fintech have contributed significant 8% to an increase in the wealth of Indians.   After an active start of the fintech industry in 2013, India takes second place…

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Lack of financial literacy is the main reason for Asians to fall short of money


Despite solid education and regular income, 77% of customers of online financing services in the Philippines, Vietnam and India still face acute personal budget gaps now and then. Moreover, for almost every fourth (25%), it is a constantly recurring issue. Remarkably, 88% feel that this is primarily due to their insufficient financial literacy. These are the findings of Robocash Group, based on its recent customer survey. As the results of…

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Regular sports activities are important for 47% of online customers in Asia


On average, about half of users of today’s fintech services (47%) in Asia go in for sports monthly at a different frequency. Regular weekly exercises are essential for about 20%. These are the findings of Robocash Group based on the survey of its customers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.   Health is one of the life priorities for people in Asia. Almost every fifth of the company customers…

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63% of Asian customers using online financing have long-term saving goals


A survey conducted by Robocash Group has revealed that 80% of Asian customers using online financing services are currently saving for different plans. For more than two-thirds of respondents (63%) in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, long-term plans in the highest priority.   In particular, almost 40% of customers are currently saving for a house with little difference in responses in the four countries. Then, 16% save money to…

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